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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Book 3, Edits and my dog...

Ok So.... I have not posted anything in ages, you have my apologies. I have a good excuse though- I am diligently typing away at book 3- things are running smooth and I am loving where this story is taking us. I might drop a hint or two in later blogs so say tuned!

Paper back release- I am still working with the Editor on Book 1. Fine tuning some things here and there and fixing the little errors that can be found in the book. We are still on tack and my hope is for the release to be pre Christmas 2013!

I noticed that book 2, A Broken Fate, was updated to kindle incorrectly and for whatever reason, there are some pretty annoying errors in that book. If anyone wants a free copy of the ebook that has been better tweeked, email me or post below and I would be happy to send it to you at no charge. I will be re-editing this one as well for the paperback version.

I just wanted to post proof that I am working on book 3- My dog Frank- a three year old fox terrier/mx is happy as a clam now that I am back to work. He is always at my side, and when I write, I tend to keep in one spot for hours and sometimes even days. It so happens that Frank is the laziest dog in history and loves to sleep- so here he is napping the afternoon away on his perch right next to me. We kind of have a BoBo/ Phil Robertson relationship.
Ut-oh- someone is here!
More soon!

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