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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Best Seller

A Broken Fate has been ranked #84 on for Best selling in the category of Literature & Fiction Fantasy based Novels! Thank you to everyone for their support!

Getting to know you.... Rory

Rory Cal Alexander

Birthday: May 3, 1993

Descendant from: Adonis, Nymph and Achilles

Parents: Thias and Gianna Alexander. Bother Nick Alexander. Cousins Ari and Lauren Alexander.

Short but still messy hair, brown eyes, well built, athletic, huge mega-watt smile.

Hobbies: Running, surfing, swimming, golfing.

Favorite Band: MGMT

Favorite Song: The Neighborhood “Sweater Weather

Worst Habit: His laugh is funnier than his joke

Favorite Food: anything Mexican

Favorite Movie: Anything National  Lampoons

Favorite Quote: Beauty attracts the attention but personality captures the heart.

Actors to play August: Kellen Lutz
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Getting to know you...August!

August Bhrett Jolie

Birthday January 29, 1989

From Paris France

Speaks French, German, Spanish, Italian, English

 Parents: Chandler and Fifi Jolie

Intresting Fact: Tattoos cover 80% of his body, shaggy Mohawk with a streak of color in the middle which changes monthly.

Hobbies: Tattoos, reading, music, concerts, the study of history and Language, traveling.

Favorite Band: The Cure

Favorite Song: Mika “Grace Kelly”

Worst Habit: Bad attitude, eye rolling

Favorite Food: wine

Favorite Movie: Queen Margot

Favorite Quote: Tous les bonheurs se ressemblent, mais chaque infortune a sa physionomis particuliere.  Tolstory- Anna Karenine
--All pleasures are alike but each has its own peculiar misfortune.

Actors to play August: Cam Gigandet
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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Power of Procrastination.

Well, for those of you who read my blog, and for those others who stumble blindly to my posts by accident when looking for Cat Man- the man who tattooed his face to look like a cat, you can see I have been absent from my posts. The reason: I have a deadline looming and I have been on freak out mode for the past week.

My book, A Broken Fate, the second novel in The Beautiful Fate Series is due to release on August 26th. I have been ready for this release since March, or so I thought. The book was edited and complete and has been sitting as a dusty file on my laptop for months now. I read the story a few times over the summer and felt confident and ready. Now, with a week before the due date, like a woman ready to give birth, I went in to nesting mode. I have read and re-read changed and then changed back tiny paragraphs, sentences and even words. I contemplated calling the release off and giving myself a few extra months to work things through. I knew in doing this that I would make my fans seriously unhappy and with the cliffhanger I left them with on book one, I might even receive death threats-- well ok, maybe just a nasty email or two. But I couldn’t smile when I finished the book, something was missing and I knew that I would not, could not release this story without a giddy, stupid smile on my face.

Even with a week before the release and a feeling of doom, I STILL put off the story. I cleaned rooms that did not need to be cleaned. I took my dog to the groomer, scrubbed the tile grout in my bathroom, painted a ceiling, and became a series addict to Candy Crush. DAMN YOU LEVEL 29!

 With anxiety looming, an eye that won’t stop twitching and sweaty palms, I think I can say it is ready. I finished the story last night and when I closed my lap top, that stupid smile I love so much was plastered right there on my giddy face. Ava and Ari are ready to tell the second part of their story.

Now, as I wait to be admitted into a Candy Crush rehab center, I ask myself why did I wait for one tiny, measly week to fine-tune this rather important (to me) story?

Is procrastination the key? I would like to say not, but in this case, perhaps, yes. I have never, ever in my life procrastinated. A lie? Ok maybe. But, I do not take to procrastination as a habit. I do believe that it gave me the extra oomph I needed, a push if you will, to really get my butt in gear and get things done. I am so happy and relieved to be able to move forward with The Beautiful Fate Series. I can say I am proud of my work. I do this thing, writing, for me after all. I created Ava and Ari because I wanted to sit down and read the book. In the beginning, I never intended to let someone else read this story. SO here you go world, on August 26th I will stand before you, allowing you to see what is in my mind. Don’t judge me too harshly, I am only human.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Getting to know you.... AGGIE

Agatha (Aggie) Eleni Paris Alexander

Descended from Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty and sexuality.

Parents: Aristotle Paris and Eleni Demo

Birthday: 02/11/1969

Light honey brown hair and soft brown eyes, huge, happy, welcoming smile.

Hobbies: Cooking, entertaining friends and Photography.

Favorite Band: Snow Patrol

Favorite Song: Turning Pages “Sleeping At Last”

Greatest Fear: To die before she meets her grandchildren.

Hopes For: To die old and grey with Andy at her side.

Worst Habit: Overstepping her bounds and not respecting the privacy of her kids.

Favorite Food: Pie

Favorite Movie: Twilight

Quote: “Whisper words of wisdom, let it be.” The Beatles

Actress to play Aggie…. Stana Katic, Jennifer Aniston
Stana Katic hair colorJennifer Aniston

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Getting to know you.... AVA

Ava Zae Baio

Birthday: June 9th 1994

Descendant from The Fates Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos

Parents: Adrian Moirai and Lucy Baio

Grandparents: Margaux and Perry Baio

Long, wavy, waist length hair, Green eyes, Three freckles.

Hobbies: reading, shopping

Favorite Movie: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Favorite Band: Vampire Weekend, Radiohead, BRMC, Coeur De Pirate, Of Monsters And Men….. too many more to name…

Favorite Song: “Corbeau” Coeur De Pirate

Actress to play Ava: Too tough… (I added a few pics below)

Greatest fear: Losing the ones she loves.

Hopes for: A life where her children won’t have to bare her burden as a Fate

Favorite Food: Peanut butter and green bananas

Worst Habit: losing her cool.

Favorite Book: Les Mis

Quote: “Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. I am kind to everyone. But when someone is unkind to me, weak is not what you are going to remember about me.” - Al Capone

 kissing against the wallC'est AvaLeighton Bird Tattoo

Monday, August 12, 2013

Getting to know you.... ARI

Ari Cal Alexander

Birthday: March 31, 1993

Descendant from Adonis and Aphrodite
Parents: Aggie and Andrew Alexander

Sister: Lauren Alexander

Cousins: Nick and Rory Alexander along with several obscure relatives.

DPI class Valedictorian

Brown hair, brown eyes, amazing smile. Smells like freshly cut grass, sea and summertime.

Hobbies: Surfing, reading, hanging out with his family and close friends.

Favorite movie: Beetlejuice.

Favorite Band: Vampire Weekend

Favorite Song: Nick Drake Pink Moon

Actors to play Ari: Liam Hemsworth, Ryan Guzman, Brody Genner, Zac Efron

Greatest fear: Loosing Ava

Hopes for: Family and lifelong happiness

Favorite foods: Anything sweet.

Worst habit- always late, sleeping in.

Favorite book: The Metamorphosis by Kafka

Quote “I am a cage in search of a bird” Franz Kafka

C'est AriRyan Guzman... well hello thereZac Efron - Carson Bennett

Monday, August 5, 2013

A Broken Fate (A Beautiful Fate Series # 2) Cover Reveal

Coping with the traumatic experiences Ava endured with the Kakos is more challenging than she ever imagined it to be. She finds herself struggling to remember the details of her time kept away with Damien Kakos and when the memories assault her mind, she is plagued with crippling fear. There is something in the back of Ava’s thoughts screaming at her, telling her that the fight with the devil’s brood has not yet ended.

Newly married, Ava and Ari deal with issues involving trust, honesty and faith in one another and as they plot their course for a new life together, they discover that their individual wants and needs don’t exactly match. Ari’s promises to Ava begin to break. Some of the Alexander’s family secrets are revealed and Ava realizes that she needs to keep her friends close, and her enemies even closer.

A Broken Fate, the second novel in The Beautiful Fate Series, dives further into Ava and Ari’s nail-bitter of a story and adds even more suspense, mystery, romance and thrills. This series is impossible for any reader to resist.

The moon was taunting me; staring at me from beyond the little rectangular window. The moon, unlike me, was free. Free to come and go as it chooses. I was stuck. My mouth was soggy with old duct tape. My arms were pinned behind my back, my wrists held tightly together with handcuffs. I pulled at the cuffs but they did not budge, the metal only dug further in to my tender, broken flesh. I was wet with urine. I could smell the ammonia – it made my stomach heave with nausea.  Hit with a bout of violent heaves, my mouth filled with stomach acid, it tasted bitter and I could feel the texture of something chunky on my tongue. Due to the tape that kept my mouth from opening, I was forced to swallow my vomit back down. My teeth felt gritty. Leaning back against the water heater, I pillowed my head against a pipe. I listened to the heavy footsteps of No. 6 on the floorboards above me. He was whistling, carrying on a tune while he made his dinner. The house smelt of tuna. The acid and chunks flew up my esophagus again, my cheeks filled and I forced my vomit back down as quickly as I could. No 6’s fork clattered against his plate. I listened to him stand up, his chair rubbed loudly against the hardwood floors. I heard the clash of his dish as it hit the kitchen sink. Moments later, the basement door opened with a creak. Panic rose. It was time. What was he going to do to me? What was next? I squirmed and pulled at the cuffs. I started to breathe heavy, my heart pounded. Oh, God. Oh, God. He reached the bottom of the steps. I could see the wicked gleam in his eyes. He put his mouth up to mine. I could smell the tuna on his breath. Once again, the bile rose and filled my cheeks. Once again, I swallowed my vomit back down.



I stood there alone for what felt like ages. I hate what I had done to my marriage. I hate who I’d become. I had isolated myself from everyone I know, from everyone who has come to love me and accept me. Misha was right. I was ungrateful, spoiled and selfish. I was going to die, this I knew. No. 7 would come for me and I would accept him. I would accept my death. My family would be the ones who would suffer, they would be the ones who would end up hurt and would cry for me. Just like they had every other time I faced death, every other time I turned away from them, lied to them and betrayed their trust.

Ari- “You are beautiful, Ava, even in defeat.”
 Ava-- “I was a big, fat liar.”

Thursday, August 1, 2013

SALE and Q & A with the Author

A Beautiful Fate, book one in the series is on sale now in celebration of A Broken Fate's release on August 26th. A Beautiful Fate will be .99 all month long in August. Follow the links below to get your copy today.
Obsessive and driven by nightmares, Ava Baio is uprooted from her Chicago home after the untimely and tragic death of her loving mother. Taken across country by her antagonistic grandmother and placed as a boarding student at a school in Dana Point, California, Ava struggles with isolation and the loss of her mother and her grandfather. Faced with having left her beloved brownstone behind and attending a new school, surrounded by new faces and unfamiliar scenery, she finds herself sorting through unfamiliar and uncharted feelings with a strange and beautiful boy, Ari – a modern day Adonis. After an unconventional start to their relationship, Ava becomes intensely absorbed by her love for Ari, and with his help and the help of his family, she discovers who she really is – a Fate descended from Atropos. She learns that the Greek mythology she grew up reading is not comprised of myth after all.

Ava faces constant challenges both in her relationship with Ari and with the fact that she is being hunted by six threatening and ruthless men who want nothing more than for her to die so that they can live forever. She has no choice but to stand up for those she has come to love. In doing so, she becomes something she hates, a killer.

A true page-turner, A Beautiful Fate is Part One of The Beautiful Fate Series. The novel is full of suspense, romance and the allure of ancient Greece. Ava and Ari will leave the reader hoping the story will never end.


Q & A With the author!

Q - Cat, A Beautiful Fate is your first published novel. Where did you get the inspiration for a story involving Greek Mythology?

A - I have always been attracted to the idea of mythology. So many stories we know and love today have been inspired by the myths told so long ago. As a child, I always secretly wished that those stories were true; that The Fates and Adonis were real. “A Beautiful Fate” is just my idea of where these deities’ offspring would be today.

Q - Have you always wanted to be an author?

A- Maybe. I think I have always enjoyed writing- more appropriately, I have always enjoyed telling myself stories. I find that I tell small stories to myself while I am trying to fall asleep at night or while waiting at the DMV. I create characters and I let these characters tell me where they came from and what they do. Ava was one of those characters that I just couldn’t get to stop talking. I started writing Ava’s story on paper one day and once 12 notebooks were full, I moved on to my laptop, once two books were complete she kept talking and is now giving me the dirty details in book 3.

Q - In reading A Beautiful Fate, it seems that music plays an important role in your life. What musical artist inspire you, and do you listen to music while you write?

A- Music plays a role in every aspect of my life. It always has. I love all kinds of sounds and styles. Some of my all-time favorite bands and artists include Beatrice Martin of Coeur De Pirate, I think Thom Yorke is fantastic, I enjoy a Nirvana song any day of the week as well as Foo Fighters and Eddie Vedder/Pearl Jam. Most recently, I have been consumed with Of Monsters and Men. They speak to my soul. Their lyrics hold great stories for me.

Q - In what ways, if any, are you like your characters in A Beautiful Fate?

A - Hmmm. I think I may be a bit like Ava. People who know me and have read the books certainly say they see her in my personality. I think Ava and I share the same type of heart; one where we feel and love deeply but we can stand tall and keep our emotions at bay when needed.