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Inspired Images

Friday, August 8, 2014

Beta Readers

I had an overwhelming amount of volunteers for Beta Readers and have sent the first 50% out to ten people. Thank you to everyone who said they would help.  I am always so shocked and thrilled from the amount of enthusiasm I get for 3 book, and hopefully we can get A Promised Fate one step closer to publication.

I am looking for a small handful of Beta Readers who are willing to take on about 50% (maybe less) of A Promised Fate (book 3) for feedback. Message me via FB, goodreads, through email or comment below if you are interested. I can work with you on the timeframe but would really like to have comments back by the end of August.  The novel will be available as PDF only. I prefer Beta Readers who have already read the first 2 books in the series but I am happy to work with anyone interested.
A few requests- Be mean to me, hit me with any question/concerns you have- rip the book apart so I am able to see all flaws. Make me cry.

Thanks : )

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