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Monday, July 6, 2015

Review: Reconstructing Aelia


Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight

2 of 5 stars          
                      This book wasn’t good. The writing wasn’t good. The characters weren’t anything special. The story line was ridiculous. I’m upset, once again, with a book that the publisher stamped a dozen great reviews on the inside cover to attract readers. It’s a ruse, these reviews are lies. Kirkus Reviews stated “A multilayered legal thriller… comes to a seamless and unanticipated conclusion.” Nonsense. Reconstructing Amelia was one pile after another of mess and full on unbelievable plot twists. The conclusion was more than expected. There were so many different characters out to get this poor teenage girl for the smallest and pettiest of reasons making the book too farfetched for enjoyment. If the author had taken away a few of those stupid side stories – i.e. Ben and all the back and forth about the possibilities of Amelia’s father, the story may have been a little better. I feel like the Ben character, Jeremy and Zadie’s mother made the story cheap and acted more like filler – these characters and their input to the storyline lessened the believably and turned the book in to a day time drama.
This book didn’t hold any weight for me. I kept flipping through to see how many pages I had left until I could finally break free and move on to a book with more promise. I was hoping for a book that resonated with me and had substance. Reconstructing Amelia was a letdown. 

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