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Inspired Images

Monday, August 12, 2013

Getting to know you.... ARI

Ari Cal Alexander

Birthday: March 31, 1993

Descendant from Adonis and Aphrodite
Parents: Aggie and Andrew Alexander

Sister: Lauren Alexander

Cousins: Nick and Rory Alexander along with several obscure relatives.

DPI class Valedictorian

Brown hair, brown eyes, amazing smile. Smells like freshly cut grass, sea and summertime.

Hobbies: Surfing, reading, hanging out with his family and close friends.

Favorite movie: Beetlejuice.

Favorite Band: Vampire Weekend

Favorite Song: Nick Drake Pink Moon

Actors to play Ari: Liam Hemsworth, Ryan Guzman, Brody Genner, Zac Efron

Greatest fear: Loosing Ava

Hopes for: Family and lifelong happiness

Favorite foods: Anything sweet.

Worst habit- always late, sleeping in.

Favorite book: The Metamorphosis by Kafka

Quote “I am a cage in search of a bird” Franz Kafka

C'est AriRyan Guzman... well hello thereZac Efron - Carson Bennett

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