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Inspired Images

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Working... Kind of. Writing - in my head (does that still count?) I have plans to do more. Some plans are solid and some more like in a Jell-O kind of state but still good (red Jell-O in the shape of stars) 
I have a "to do" list that I can share to prove my good intentions.
1. Start finishing book 4.
2. Bother my editor and my beta reader and ask that they beat me up until I am black and blue and feel like an idiot for ever thinking I could write anything - my name included.
3. Share reviews I have written on books recently read - which I will start to do in posts on this blog, but you can always find my reviews on goodreads and you can keep up with everything I am reading on FB and on my instagram account -itsmecatmann.
4. I am working on a sort of "How To" for writers on getting started with the process, cover art, editing, beta readers, books, sites, publishing, blogs, bloggers and reviews - everything I used  to learn the craft of self publishing and the secrets I've learned along the way. Will post on blog.
5. Share  unedited writing laps and short stories on blog.  - I like to keep my worlds all to myself and I doubt that will ever help me go anywhere - so I'll start here - on the internet and possibly on wattpad.   I lack courage and tune - but lack for nothing in the excuses department.

Thanks to those of you who have stuck with me and the world of Ari and Ava.   I am happy that this upcoming book will be the end of them for a while or maybe even forever. I am excited to publish A Forsaken Fate and very ready to start the next chapter of my writing profile.  I have a lot of ideas and I cannot wait to see them come out on paper.

More soon.

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