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Monday, June 22, 2015

Review: The Silent Wife

The Silent Wife by A.S.A. Harrison  

's review
Jun 22, 15  ·                                
  The Silent Wife was not a “chilling psychological thriller” as the publisher advertises. I am not sure what this book was but I can tell you it was not good. The story (I use the term loosely) was boring, tedious and slow. I continued to read for some kind of pick up in the plot but nothing ever came. There were many pointless pages upon pages about Jodi and Todd’s mundane lives, and even a series of flashback scenes of Jodi with her own psychiatrist that, in my opinion, had zilch to do with anything else in the book. – these scenes were random and beyond dull and a good editor would have cut them at first glance. These characters were incredibly uninteresting. I cannot fathom why the author would ever want to write about them. In the end, what every reader, I suspect, thought would happen happened and I regret having been duped by the publisher, Penguin. This is a prime example of a publisher pumping up a book with paid reviews to make sales. Lie after Lie- this is nothing like Gone Girl, there was nothing suspenseful or thrilling. The praise that this book received from a string of New York Times bestselling authors boggles my mind. How much were these authors paid to lie?

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