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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

2015 Best of Springfield VOTE FOR ME

I am from the greatest state in the USA. Illinois. Please do not pronounce the 's.' In Illinois, we have fields, countless fields. Rows of corn that go on further than the eye can see. In Illinois we have cows that rarely moo, chickens that scatter when we drive down dusty roads, and dogs that do nothing but lie underneath  some of the prettiest blue skies you might ever see. We fight over baseball teams and sit in garages for fun. Illinoisans celebrate their home grown goodness and we take great pride in supporting our locals. I can attest to this.
Yearly, the Illinois Times puts on the "Best of Springfield." We encourage people to log on and vote for their favorite local...everything - food (a lot of food), shops, musicians and artist. This year, I happen to be on the ballot for the Best Living Writer/Author and I'd b beyond happy if I were to win this Illinois Honor.
If you happen to see this blog post then it's likely that you are bored and in search of something to kill some time, so I urge you to VOTE FOR ME. You don't have to be from Illinois and really voting is super easy and takes nano seconds. Follow the link I've posted below and enter your name email and city. You can find me under the section about people - and I am under Best Living Local Author.  Select my name and submit your vote. that it!
Thanks again to everyone for so much support. I have said this before, but the support I receive is mind boggling. I'll let y'all know if I win. Fingers crossed.

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